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Facelift in Los Angeles


A facelift in Los Angeles is a popular solution for many patients wanting to restore a youthful appearance to their face and neck. A lower lift in particular is perfect for many cases of falling cheeks, aged looking jaw lines and blunted necklines. Facelifts can sometimes be combined with other procedures.

Is It Right for Me?

With facelifts and similar procedures, some patients focus exclusively on the face, and some want to combine it with a neck lift. Many patients experience great results from a neck lift alone, but the two procedures can be combined. The facelift in Los Angeles removes lines and wrinkles from the face, and a neck lift removes sagging skin and waddles. Performing an operation that focuses on both areas is the best way to ensure results that will be aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

Additionally, imposition on the patient's neck or the transfer of fat to the area around the nose and mouth can lend an extra youthful appearance that can be subtle but highly noticeable. In some cases, the patient would be better served by a simpler injection of BOTOX or other fillers. Still others may simply need to change their use of cosmetics. These are options Dr. Aminpour, your board certified plastic surgeon, may suggest in your initial consultation.

Dr. Aminpour’s Approach

For a facelift in Los Angeles, Dr. Aminpour will make incisions in existing creases to minimize scarring; these are usually the areas in front of the patient’s ears and along the temples, extending up around and behind the ear. From here he will be able to reach the muscle and connective tissue for tightening and shaping. He may also remove excess fat at this time. Then he will put the skin back in place, and trim away the excess. The amount of excess may vary depending on how much tighter and slimmer the face will be. The incision will then be closed, and if the patient has elected for more procedures they will be performed.


In some cases, drains will be put in place overnight to let out excess liquid, but these will soon be removed. Patients will have a soft dressing covering their neck and cheeks after surgery. In most cases it will be fine to go home, provided there will be someone around to check in on the patient full-time for the first 24 hours.

Prescription pain medication is recommended to have on-hand, in case pain worsens. However, pain from a facelift in Los Angeles is minimal, and in some cases patients only report minor discomfort. Over-the-counter oral pain medication is usually enough.