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Rhinoplasty Cost Los Angeles

Most people from Southern California considering a nose job are curious about the rhinoplasty cost in Los Angeles. Honestly, a person's rhinoplasty cost in Los Angeles varies based on their unique circumstances. Only by contacting an experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon, like Dr. Shervin Aminpour at Hills Aesthetics, can a precise cost be given to a future rhinoplasty patient. At a consultation, Dr. Aminpour can not only share your rhinoplasty cost in Los Angeles, he can also show you what the results will look like through the use of his modern imaging software.

As far as medical insurance covering the cost of rhinoplasty, it also depends on the person and the insurance agency. Cosmetic procedures are rarely covered. Yet, if there has been recent nasal trauma or if you find your breathing has been obstructed, then insurance companies are more likely to help you with the surgery.

Similarly, a revision rhinoplasty procedure (meaning one to correct a past nose job) may or may not be covered, depending on the extent of the botched operation. Some people also get reconstructive surgery covered by their insurance and have their doctor also perform cosmetic surgery at the same time. The cosmetic costs won't be covered by insurance generally, but it does reduce the number of surgeries a patient has to have. Furthermore, this means these patients' cosmetic and reconstructive rhinoplasty recovery times are the same, so they don't have to recover twice. Dr. Aminpour has gained much experience through the years dealing with hospitals and insurance companies and can walk you through this process, honestly discussing your options and chance of coverage.

Dr. Aminpour can be reached by visiting or by calling (818) 646-6969.