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Botox Los Angeles

Patients are increasingly comfortable with Botox in Los Angeles. This is good news, since Botox is a safe and effective treatment for facial wrinkles, as well as having other uses (such as the treatment of hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating). However, despite the wide variety of injection specialists with different backgrounds, more patients are turning to board certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Shervin Aminpour for their Botox and fillers. When you have your facial fillers injected by a skilled and compassionate plastic surgeon like Dr. Aminpour, you get the advantage of added care, and the artistic eye of an expert in facial aesthetics.

Unlike other popular fillers like Juvederm, Botox in Los Angeles has a unique effect that patients have embraced over the past few years. The compound is injected into parts of the face where lines form during certain facial expressions. These are sometimes called "dynamic wrinkles." Botox tells the nerve not to respond to impulses, which in turn prevents the muscle in that tiny location from pushing and pulling at the skin, causing wrinkles.

Consequently, there are several aspects of this that make Botox in West Hills different from other facial plastic surgery procedures. The skin of the face can become dynamically wrinkled at any age, meaning people of all ages can benefit from Botox. Additionally, the effect is not only felt while the Botox is active; by hampering deeper wrinkle development, Botox also prevents dynamic wrinkles from turning into deep lines in the long term. Lastly, since Botox is simply a liquid, its effect is fairly subtle. In fact, Dr. Aminpour's patients have been known to get Botox in Los Angeles during their lunch hour, and then return to work.

To learn more about the differences between Botox vs. fillers, contact us for a FREE consultation.