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Facial Plastic Surgery Neck&Face Lift

Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery is a procedure for rejuvenating a patient's neck and jawline. As lines form around the neck and skin slackens, the neck can be an area that adds years to a person's appearance despite an overall more youthful look.

Is It Right for Me?

Patients looking for rejuvenating procedures for the face might often benefit from a neck lift surgery more than a more complex face lift. Men are sometimes comfortable with lines and wrinkles on their face that give them a distinguished look as they age. They may, however, consider a neck lift for maintaining a healthy appearance. Women might benefit from a neck lift in combination with facial procedures like BOTOX and cosmetics. In some cases, patients benefit the most by combining their face surgery with the neck lift procedure. A FREE consultation with Dr. Aminpour can help you determine the right strategy for you.

Dr. Aminpour's Approach

Dr. Aminpour first consults with his patients, listening carefully so that he understands their concerns about their appearance. He educates them about the options available for a neck lift in Los Angeles, and makes sure they are making a choice with which they are comfortable.
Intravenous sedation (aka twilight sleep) will be used in some cases, and general anesthesia will be used in others. Incisions are made below the chin and usually behind the ears, where they will be generally out of sight after the operation. If requested, the operation may also involve such added techniques as imposition, and the neck muscles may be tightened with sutures, and possibly suspended. Simpler procedures take about 90 minutes, while more complex procedures may take longer to ensure optimal results.


After neck lift cosmetic surgery, patients will experience discomfort or soreness over the whole neck area. Bruising and swelling are also normal during the first part of recovery. 2-3 weeks are usually the most that is required for the major part of recovery, and it can go faster. During this time, it is important to rest and avoid strenuous labor, although some patients are able to return to office jobs. After about 5 weeks, you'll notice improvements, reduced swelling and bruising, and a better overall neck shape. Overall, recovery is not dramatic or intense for most patients, although having prescription pain medication on hand is recommended.
Since the incisions for a neck lift surgery are hidden by the natural contours of the face, scarring is not generally an issue. What scars are present will fade in a short time. With good diet and exercise habits, the results of a neck lift will improve over the months following the procedure, and will continue to look great for years.