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Revision Rhinoplasty Los Angeles

Many perceive Beverly Hills to be the rhinoplasty capital of the United States. With so many operations performed per year in the Los Angeles area, there are bound to be men and women who are unhappy with their results. This is why, after an unsatisfactory primary rhinoplasty procedure, many turn to Dr. Shervin Aminpour for revision rhinoplasty in Los Angeles. A revision rhinoplasty, also known as corrective or secondary rhinoplasty, serves to fix disappointing or simply wrong procedures.

Why choose Dr. Aminpour for your revision rhinoplasty in Los Angeles? Well, Dr. Aminpour is an expert in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face and especially of the nose. At UC Davis, he finished his residency in ear, nose, and throat surgery and is board certified in otolaryngology. He's a member of the Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery and has even used his skills to perform many cleft lip and palate operations throughout the years. He brings this reconstructive knowledge to every revision rhinoplasty in Los Angeles procedure that he performs.

Have a free consultation with Dr. Aminpour if you are considering a revision rhinoplasty surgery. He will explain in detail how he will proceed with the surgery. Revision rhinoplasties can be very complex as cartilage, if the previous surgeon was too invasive, may have to be sourced from other parts of the body such as the ear or ribs. Nonetheless, Dr. Aminpour can show you your results with state-of-the-art imaging technology so that you can fully realize what your nose will look like after your rhinoplasty recovery. He'll also discuss the cost of rhinoplasty with you. Call his office, Hills Aesthetics, at (818) 992-0331 or go to